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Workshop - Introduction to Applied Mycology

Workshop covering easy and efficient mycelium reproduction techniques for growing mushrooms.
1401 Legendre Ouest,
H4N 2R9 (Marché Central)
Montréal, Qc
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Dates Intro à la mycologie appliquée

Fascinating introduction to applied mycology, this 3 hours workshop covers mycelium reproduction techniques and its multiple applications (urban agriculture, domestical and agricultural residual matters upcycling, circular economy, organic 3d printing, ground decontamination, water filtration, traditional and alternative medecines - DIY - biohacking)


  • - Workshops are given in the HomeGrown-Mushroom / Champignons-Maison space

      • Theoretical part
    • Fungal reign reproduction cycles of mushrooms
    • History part of growing mushrooms and ethnomycology
    • Modern vs. low-tech modemade reproduction techniques
    • Environmental interventions and objects made of mycelium


      • Practical part
    • Mycelium reproduction made with domestic residuals (coffee grounds, wood chips, cardboard, etc...)


    • Every participant will be leaving with their own kit, made during the workshop


    • Next available dates: June 22nd 2019 10-13h


  • Order soon, limited places
  • Group price available of 5 reservations and more


Do not hesitate to contact us for workshops in schools, community centers or private workshop in our own space.